Family Care's urgent care clinics in Birmingham, AL

Hospital emergency rooms are getting jammed with the number of patients that stream in.  Consider the following scenarios:


a)       A young child gets bitten by a dog.  It isn’t life-threatening and the dog is a pet which has complete anti-rabies shots, but the parents take the boy to the nearest hospital emergency room.

b)       A man suffering from flu decides he should see the doctor and proceeds to a hospital emergency room.

c)       A young woman breaks her arm in a fall.  It is not a compound fracture, and far from being life threatening, but in an abundance of caution her parents decide to take her to a hospital emergency room.


The list is endless, but proves just one thing – that hospital emergency rooms are overflowing with patients whose conditions are not life-threatening emergencies.  The overflow of patients which prevent emergency rooms from providing speedy treatment can be avoided.  All people have to do is to refer non life-threatening medical conditions to urgent care facilities instead.


The number of institutions providing urgent care Birmingham AL has grown rapidly over the years.  These days it is easy enough to do an internet search of a reputable urgent care facility within a few miles from one’s home, place of work, or school.  And all it takes is to know where these urgent care clinics are and their contact numbers to be able to avail of the convenience their service provides.


These urgent care centers operate at longer hours than most clinics and some are even open part of the weekend.  A check of the services available at the Family Care’s urgent care clinics in Birmingham, AL is enough to provide reassurance that you are dealing with professionals who care about the service they provide.  And there is a long list of services that they provide as well, including routine medical consultations, the services of pediatricians, immunizations, minor surgical procedures, DNA testing, and various other types of laboratory tests.  It is almost as complete as a modern hospital without having to pay the same steep price.  A visit to their website at will reveal the full range of their services their location and contact numbers.


What adds to the convenience of going to urgent care centers is that it is easy to get an appointment.  When you get there, a doctor will attend to you usually within a matter of minutes, rather than the hours it takes for a hospital emergency room physician to be available.  What is more, people can always walk-in and get to see a physician with almost the same short waiting time.  Organizations like the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine are rightly proud of the many accomplishments of their member institutions and physicians especially in terms of efficient service.  It is also easier to avail of seasonal special offers through urgent care centers; in the cold season, for example, there may be special rates for flu immunizations.


While hospitals can deal with every type of medical situation, an urgent care clinic is a more accessible and more affordable alternative unless faced with a life-threatening emergency.