VMware is a technological company that was established in 1998 to provide various software virtualization solutions. VMware has grown to become one of the leading software providers in the industry.

VM basically stands for “virtual machine”, an operating system compatible with IBM computers and servers. The virtual machine is able to host other operating systems such that each operating system seems to be installed on a self-contained computer with its own set of hardware and software with IT asset management process for best practices resources.

Hosted vmware

VMware is a key partner of TraceTM Networks who we are very proud to work with in providing customers with virtualization solutions. Together, we are dedicated to lower the number of servers you use by configuring systems so your remaining servers are optimized and running to their fullest extent. Therefore, if the amount of hardware you own is impacting on your office space or your IT budget is spiraling out of control,TraceTM Networks is always ready to help.

We help customers with different businesses implement a virtualization solution that has been designed to meet your organization’s needs. This is a great way to regain control of your IT as it changes the way your IT resources are managed and deployed.

Your business will be able to achieve far more by using far less by running multiple programs and operating systems that every computer or device in your office is connected to on a hosted VMware Server Edmonton.

TraceTM Networks works with customers to come up with a customized hosted VMware solution which gives your business more flexibility and better performance than ever before.

Our solutions are as unique as your business and allow you to transfer server workloads from one virtual workspace to the next, maximizing your resources depending on your requirements. With TraceTM Network’s VMware virtualization solutions, you will enhance the performance of your business applications through fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing.

Additionally, our customers do not have to worry about any kinds of disasters since we offer fast disaster recovery from any kind of hardware or software malfunctions. With the consolidated software and applications, the same system is able to support both Mac and PCs on the same system.

In this century, it has never been more important to decrease your business’ carbon footprint.TraceTM Networks enables your organization to run on less servers which in turn reduces electricity costs and the total amount of energy you consume.

TraceTM Networks is committed to offering our clients as much information as possible that concerns technology. Our goal is not to make decisions for your business but to enlighten you on the different solutions you can leverage to propel your business forward.

We are always on top of the most recent trends and new technologies and constantly sharing them with our customers. In order to ensure maximum security of your company’s data, the TraceTM Project offers a fully-managed security solution that provides customers with a cost effective way to ensure maximum security of this data by storing it on the cloud.

Contact us and let us help ensure your business enjoys smooth sailing in this rocky technological environment.